Phanostrate, physician

Send by Juliana Magalhães dos Santos, Pesquisadora NEREIDA/UFF (Brazil)

Phanostrate, coming from Milete, proves that it is. Although it is unclear what her family and social associations were, what stands out from the documents is the services provided by saving lives. Two marble stelae, one in Acharnai (present Menidi) dating from the fourth century BC and another on the southern slope of the Acropolis present votive dedications associated with the doctor thanking the health care of the dedicators and family. These documents attest to the confidence in Phanostrate’s work and abilities, associating the physician’s actions with Hippocratic precepts (Airs, Waters, Places, 2) and by acting through the healing hand of Asclepius [IG II³ 4700; IG II² 4368]. It can be seen from the dedication and iconographic representations that Phanostrate’s work was linked to the health of women and children in early childhood, and she may even have counted on the help of assistants (female figure named Antiphale in IG II² 6873).

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