Menia, daughter of Phanteios, landowner in Thespies

Concerning the purchase of a plot of land belonging to Menia, daughter of Phanteios, and located on the Aloia. The document also concerns the leasing of land belonging to Menia, rented out by Ari..idas, son of Dion.

« Menia : « she may now join the growing ranks of wealthy women in Hellenistic Boeotia (voir Roesch “La femme et la fortune en Béotie” in La femme dans le monde méditerranéen I, Lyon 1985, 71-94). She may even have known Nikareta, a fellow Thespiaean, who only a decade before had lent more than 18,000drachmas to the city of Orchomenos, and successfully sued the city when it balked at repaying (IG VII 3172. voir Leopold Migeotte L’emprunt public dans les cités grecques, 1984, 13). A decade after Menia”s dedication two women were persuaded to accept repayment of a loan to the small town of Kopai in the form of grazing rights for 400-head of livestock. Furthermore, we have long known that women were highly visible in ancient endowments. The most famous Hellenistic endowments were established by women. Epikteta of Thera founded and endowed a cult association ca 200 BC. Two Corcyrans, Aristomenes and Psylla, who are considered husband and wife by convention rather than evidence or argument, created a famous endowment (III/II BC) to underwrite a biennial dramatic festival. Hellenistic women created endowments at Mantinea, Aigosthena, Thera, Amorgos, and Cyme. At least three or maybe four other Thespiaean women divested themselves of properties which were endowed. We may add Menia to the list.” P. 57-58.

Regarding endowments, see Bernhard Laum, Stiftungen in der griechischen und römischen Antike : ein Beitrag zur antiken Kulturgeschichte, Aalen : Scientia Verl. 1964 (=Fac-simile de l’éd. de Teubner, Berlin, 1914).

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