Bigender nouns: the he/she Prosodos in Asia Minor

In a recent article Thibaut Boulay (2013: 259, in French in the text) points out the name of a woman called Prosodos within an inscription by the Diastai brotherhood, written as a group eulogy (Le Bas and Waddington, Voyage archéologique, n°116). About “this name, which is a woman’s but also a man’s”, Boulay goes on, “see G. Daux, “Notes de lecture”, BCH 93 (1969), pp. 419-430, especially p. 420, where he identifies a Prosodos at Ephesus and Nysa. See also L. Robert, “Sur quelques inscriptions (anthroponymes, concours à Pergame, serment éphébique)”, REG 84, 1971, pp. 353-354, and the LGPN (where she appears, however, as Prosoda)”.

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