Friedrich Bechtel, master of Greek onomastic studies

In 1902 Friedrich Bechtel (1855-1924) wrote the Attische Frauennamen, an exemplary work that has not yet been replaced.

As a reminder, the Ernst Fraenkel’s article on Greek onomastics, published in 1935 dans le Pauly-Wissowa (s.v. Namenwesen. RE 16. 2 (1935) 1611 sq.) only rarely mentions women’s names.

See Olivier Masson, “Friedrich Bechtel et l’anthroponymie grecque”, in Friedrich Bechtel: Kleine onomastische Studien: Aufsätze zur griechischen Eigennamenforschung, Königstein/Taunus, 1981, S. I–IV.

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