PIR: Prosopographic database of the Roman Empire. Created at the end of the 19th century, it solely accounts for the prominent actors of the Empire. Women are sparse
 MUSEA– Edited by the Université d’Angers since 2004, MUSEA is a website offering virtual exhibitions on the history of women and gender. The Eurykleia team has taken part in the exhibition: “Out of the gynaeceum: a new outlook on Ancient Greece”.
 Trismegitos– Interdisciplinary gateway for papyrological and epigraphic resources, originally aimed at Egypt (8th century BCE– 8th century CE), now stretching globally across the ancient world.
 LGPN–A database for the inventory of all individual Greek names known through various sources (literary, epigraphic…) from the Archaic Era to the 6th century CE). As of yet, it does not account for slaves’ names.


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